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I believe your hobby blog can be so much more

My Story

Hey blogger, my name is Gemma and I’m a blogger just like you. In 2017, I found myself with an excess of free time and I finally got to do something I’d wanted to do forever.

I started a blog.

It was a hobby, but I quickly learned that blogging could also be a second income. All around me were successful bloggers, making absolute bank from their amazing blogs. I wanted a slice of that pie.

As a web developer, I knew I had the skills to build a blog. What I hadn’t realised was that blogging, real and successful blogging, is so much more than just buying a domain and starting to write. 

That whole first year my blog made me zero.

Not one to give up easily, I persisted. I sat down and created a plan, a blogging formula that would drive traffic to my blog, grow my withering email list and provide me with foundation that would allow me to share the knowledge I learned with people just like me who don’t have a clue where to start.

These days, I maintain my blog alongside my day-job. My goal is to empower other bloggers who are stuck like I was to grow and thrive online, to turn writing as a hobby into a powerful online side-hustle.

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