Starting a blog is something I wanted to do for years before I actually decided to do it – I loved the idea of sharing my thoughts online, helping others, creating a habit out of writing regularly and developing my outlook of the world. I wanted to start a blog, but niggling thoughts held me back;

  • Is my writing good enough?
  • Are my opinions valid enough?
  • What will I write about?
  • Will I be able to make this commitment?

I eventually started my blog when I was going through a bit of a whirlwind in real life. My blog kept me grounded. I found that by helping other people, I helped myself see my own situation clearer. I found the following;

  • My writing is good enough – you don’t have to be an author to be a blogger
  • My opinions are valid – the beauty of blogging is that so many opinions make up a wide spectrum of views that form the blogosphere
  • I have plenty to write about – but inspiration ebbs and flows + that’s completely normal!
  • Commitment is hard – but 100% worth it

Does any of this sound familiar? Would you like to start a blog, but aren’t sure if it’s really for you? I’ve come up with 15 pretty persuasive reasons that I think will help you make a commitment to start a blog today!

15 solid reasons to start a blog today

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15 Reasons to Start A Blog

1. It’s quick and easy to start a blog, even with zero experience

2. The right blogging strategy can bring you in some sweet income

3. You’ll discover opportunities you would never have found otherwise

4. You’ll discover more about yourself, your passions, your commitment, your voice

5. You’ll find your place within the blogging community + meet amazing, like-minded people

6. You’ll grow your own community of people who you can help become better versions of themselves

7. You’ll be challenged on the regular, and those challenges will help you grow

8. You’ll grow your knowledge within your niche, and be known internet-wide for your expertise

9. You’ll create routines and habits that will help you become a better you

10. You’ll become a better writer, photographer, designer + marketer

11. You’ll create the opportunity to turn your blog into a business + potentially earn a living doing something you’ll love

12. You’ll build a brand around yourself that people will respect + admire

13. You’ll have a platform to tell your story + engage with people like you

14. You’ll learn to live more intentionally + become a better thinker

15. You can set examples, inspire people + lead them to greatness!

I’d love to hear your story – when did you start your blogging journey? How did you choose your niche? Let me know below!

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