Visit any blog on the internet today and you likely wouldn’t be surprised to see an online store integrated. It’s commonplace upon many blogs, whether it be related to fashion, music, travel or any other theme – but it obviously works. Here’s why.

Blogs are a good way of marketing your product

If you launch a new product, you’ve got an audience of readers who will be interested in it. So, be sure to write up a few blog posts that’ll showcase your product – for example, if you’re releasing a new line of sweatshirts, write a post about the essential fashion items for autumn/winter and include an internal link to said sweatshirts to grab the readers’ attention.

You’ll likely have a different audience between blog and online store, so try and bring these two groups together with an enticing post that persuades your readers to browse. Another perk with blog posts? They can reach hundreds, perhaps even thousands of new people who will then browse too.

Why e-commerce and blogging work perfectly together

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An online store is easy to integrate

If you already have a successful online blog and feel like branching into e-commerce, an online store is perhaps surprisingly easy to integrate. Many platforms offer simple e-commerce integration, and depending on the size and dedication of your audience, you could get your store off the ground considerably quickly.

Platforms like Wix and WordPress, two oft-used solutions for bloggers, have many different ways of integrating online stores organically. If that doesn’t take your fancy, consider easy alternatives such as Shopify, recommended as ideal for beginners who have yet to delve into e-commerce. Plus, as previously mentioned, you can easily link to your products via your blog, so readers will naturally be coerced into having a browse.

You can cater your online store to your audience

With your blog posts, you’ll easily be able to include organic links in your writing in order to showcase your products and services on sale. Think about potential posts that’ll both entice readers and provide a genuinely interesting read – lists are always a great way to get people reading.

If you’re already a seasoned blogger, you’ll likely know just what the audience expects from your posts. With that being said, it’s crucial you find ways to naturally fit links in that won’t stand out. That way, readers will subconsciously click and subsequently explore.

It helps you rank on search engines

Having an online store branching from your blog will effectively help your ranking – should you go about it the right way, of course. Be sure to keep your links organic so you’re not penalised by search engines, as Google in particular has many different rules that could lead to you being removed entirely as a result of a violation.

SEO is crucial, but do it right and you’ll find you rise to the top of search results for whatever products you sell – and the blog will help take you further.

Answer customer’s questions via blog posts

Another bonus of having a blog alongside your online store is having the ability to address common questions and queries about your products in blog posts. You can give readers and buyers an insight into the processes behind the store, offering a behind-the-scenes peek for added transparency and trustworthiness.

And you can also offer deals, promotions and sales through the blog, too – it’s another form of marketing that’ll attract and entice readers into making a purchase or two.

Do you have any more reasons for integrating an online store into a blog? Has it worked for you? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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