Monday Motivation: Mondays Don’t Suck

It sometimes feels like Monday is the most universally hated day. For most, it’s back to the weekly grind, an abrupt end to the short weekend break. Mondays are the parent of the week, reminding you that it’s time to stop playing and time to start adulting. I think we need to change our attitude to this unloved day of the week. We need to be positive about Mondays, because this wonderful day at the start of every week gives us so many opportunities to start over, start fresh and win big in the week ahead.

Monday Doesn't Suck - It's all about your attitude.

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Hating Monday a difficult mindset to break out of, but in reality, it’s just another day of the week. But more than this, it’s the start of a fresh, new week. It’s the perfect time to change a habit, start a new habit and get shit done. Yeah, the weekend is great because it’s time to relax, to be yourself, to catch up with friends. But Mondays are for setting trends, crushing goals and making the most of the start of a new week.

Mondays Don't Suck: Mondays are for setting trends & crushing goals. Click To Tweet

Monday means five full working days where you can focus on your career, your latest project and your goals. You can start something new, knowing you have a full week ahead of you. This, for me, is so motivating: to know there’s a whole week ahead to do everything I want to just makes me want to focus as hard as I can so that I can achieve, then overachieve.

Monday means starting again after a weekend of fun, relaxation and personal time. Monday may be the polar opposite to a carefree weekend – back to the reality of hard work – but I think we should embrace this opportunity! Mondays keep us grounded and focussed on our goals. Monday’s contrast to the weekend that just past helps keep our weeks balanced – let’s face it, if the weekend were eternal we wouldn’t get anything done! 

Mondays Don't Suck: Mondays keep us grounded and focussed on our goals. Click To Tweet

Monday is the day to set a tone for the week ahead. We all want to be successful, we all want to make a difference and better ourselves. So why not make Monday this week your day to have a fresh start? Start having breakfast every morning like you said you would. Start going for a run in the evenings, like you keep saying you will. Stop letting your lack of motivation hold you back from becoming the best you that you can be. Make Monday your opportunity to start afresh.

I believe that positivity breeds more positivity, but the opposite is also true. Going into the week with a negative attitude will only make your whole week negative. Start as you mean to go on by tackling the week head on. If last week wasn’t your week, then this week could be – but you have to make it your week. Focus on all of the positives for the week ahead and you’ll be able to accomplish amazing things! If you didn’t quite crush your goals last week, then Monday is the day to reset your mindset to make sure you are checking everything off your list in the week ahead. 

If you are making the most of every weekend, then resetting yourself to rock the upcoming week becomes a lot easier. Knowing you have spent the weekend efficiently makes getting back into a productive mindset for Monday morning a much more manageable task. Monday can become a challenge you actually look forward to facing!

You don’t have to hate Mondays. Like every other day of the week, they are what you make of them. Make Monday your day to set the wheels in motion for an accomplished and successful week ahead. So set your alarm for half an hour early, have a hearty breakfast and get some pampering in before you make a start on this week. You’re going to rock it.

7 responses to “Monday Motivation: Mondays Don’t Suck”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Mondays have never bothered me a bit. I agree I sort of like getting back to it after a Sunday of often not even getting an email LOL.

  2. Kay says:

    wow THANK YOU….. I love this post! Such a great outlook.

    Thanks for sharing xx

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  4. I really don’t mind Monday’s, it get us all back into our routine. Great post!

  5. I hated this morning so much! But it was only because I had a busy weekend getting tasks done and no time to reset. I like to get a good weekly to do going on a Sunday when I can do bring stuff lazily but there is just not enough free time to go around at the moment. Personally I’m just going to try and swap to a 3 day weekend when I can. 2 days socialising, 1 day me timing, 4 days working and getting shit done. It’s not Monday’s fault it’s the work week being greedy and eating it up! xxx

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