Stop caring what others think of you

Not many of us can raise our hand and honestly say that we have always spoken up for what we believe in. In a situation where our point of view goes against the grain, most of us will choose to stay silent and some of us will even play along with an opposing point of view because we fear we will stand out. If you’ve ever worried about how people perceive the way you dress, the colour of your hair or unique opinions, it’s time to embrace your uniqueness and stop caring what others think of you.

How to Stop Caring what Others Think of You!

But how can you just stop caring what others think?

The first step to stop caring what others think of you is to realise that this fear of judgement is a self confidence issue. Perhaps you’re trying a new hairstyle, but it’s slightly outlandish and you are worried people will stare at you. Even though you think you look great, you choose to wear a hat when you go outside. You aren’t loving yourself. You need to learn to rock who you are.

Confidence comes from within, and in order to be confident about who you are you need to love who you are. This can take many forms, but in essence – to learn to love who you are, you need to treat your mind and your body right. This process of treating yourself right is unique to all of us.

Here are five ways you can try to show yourself a little love:

  1. Remind yourself every day that you are a wonderful person.
  2. Set attainable micro-goals for yourself, treat yourself to something small when you check them off the list.
  3. Get into a good, daily routine that includes excercise, work-life balance and eating well.
  4. Get creative! Draw what’s on your mind, write a poem about how you feel.
  5. Take some time away from electronics to just relax.

When you learn to start taking the time to actually focus on yourself, loving and embracing who you are as a person will come naturally. You will develop a certain kind of self-assurance that only comes from within and you will begin to project this confidence in your day to day life. This raw, authentic confidence comes from such a positive place that it will not only give you the courage you need to speak your mind and be yourself, but it will also act as a magnet, attracting people and encouraging them to respect you.

Start standing up for yourself

The next step is to follow the fire in your belly and stand up for yourself. If you believe in something, big or small, you should always try to find the courage to speak your mind. You need to realise that when you allow someone else’s voice to overshadow yours, especially on a matter you truly believe in, you are allowing them to take control of your life’s narrative. Only you are in charge of your own perspectives, but anyone can dictate the direction your travel in, if you let them.

Every time you stand up for yourself, whether that be in a small or a big way, you reinforce to yourself that you and your opinions are important. Every time you’ve stood up for yourself you gain a little more to do the same in the future.

Bonus tip: Always remember to have an open mind to other people’s opinions as well!

Remember, we’re all only human

Bear in mind that everyone has self doubt. You need to let go of the paranoia – more often than not people are much too busy worrying about what others may think of them to worry about you. Always try to see the best in people, always try to presume good intentions. If you focus on projecting your own positivity and looking for the positive attributes in other people, you will receive a positive outcome. Negativity only breeds negativity. Focus on yourself and your own goals because chances are that’s what everyone else is doing, too.

Know when to walk away

Finally, don’t feel like you need to explain yourself. People are always going to think what they want, and when a point of view is set in stone it’s rare that a dialogue can change it. Always know your arguments, know the reasons why you think or act like you do and be confident in yourself. Stand firm on your beliefs, your ethics and the opinions that are dear to you.

But still, allow yourself to be challenged and to challenge different points of view. Then, if you start to feel like you are in a loop of repeating yourself to get a point across or that the person you are speaking to just doesn’t seem to want to listen, then the most positive outcome you can receive from that situation is to walk away, knowing that you were the best you that you could be by staying positive, being confident, and not letting what others think of you get in the way of you being you.

7 responses to “Stop caring what others think of you”

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  3. Beccah says:

    Bookmarking this page for when I need some encouragement!

    It can be really hard not to compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves on what others think but it can be stressful and exhausting! I definitely agree about setting small goals and taking little steps towards building confidence.

    One more thing I would recommend, is that if anybody is really struggling with their self esteem and confidence, to look into therapy. I did some sessions of CBT which is a talking therapy and it helped me so, so much!

    Beccah xx

  4. Hannah says:

    Love this Post!! So positive & inspiring!!

  5. Elvi says:

    Great post! We really tend to think too much of what other people think and that only leads to negative mood. Who cares what other people think?! We live out lives as we find the best. And just because someone’s views and understandings for life are different from ours doesn’t mean they have the right to tell us how to live or what to do. It’s all up to us!

    • Gemma says:

      Sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially when people are being tough on you or your views! I fully agree with you though, we need to embrace ourselves! x

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