Weekend Tips: How to Kill the Sunday Evening Blues

We’ve all been there, it’s 6pm on a Sunday and you realise you have to start getting things ready for work the next morning. A feeling of dread sets in; Time for another work week, the end of another wasted weekend. I get this every week but it always feels worst when I spend the weekend at home not doing very much. It’s the feeling that we haven’t used our free, non-working time in the most efficient way. We could have been off seeing the world or practicing a craft. Instead, most of us will spend a typical weekend in our PJs eating Coco Pops for dinner (maybe that’s just me). So what are some things we can do to try to keep away the horrible Sunday Evening Blues?

1. Get out of bed on Sunday morning

I’m the worst for this. I will more than happily stay in bed until 1 or 2pm on a Sunday morning. But in reality, it just leaves me with a really short day. Since I know I have to go to bed early on a Sunday night to be able to get up on Monday morning, I’m left with just a few hours to be productive in. Instead of staying in bed all day, get up early (or, early-ish) and use all the hours you can. That way, come bedtime on Sunday night you know you’ve got the most out of your day!

2. Limit chores and errands

Try to split housework, laundry and shopping up over the week so you aren’t doing everything on the weekend. It will leave you with more hours to do activities you actually want to do. If you just clean up as you go along you won’t have a mass of things to do on the weekend that stop you from being able to have fun.

3. Don’t over-plan

Don’t plan your weekend down to the very last minute. Plan social events and fun activities, yes – but don’t over-schedule yourself. You will end up running from activity to activity, and not get that all-important alone time. Try to schedule weekend plans throughout the month so you aren’t dealing with a super busy weekend one week, and the next you have nothing to do and get bored.

Walk in the country with dog

4. Relax and recharge

Working is hard work, take time on the weekend to recharge your batteries. Try to avoid using this as an excuse to spend every weekend in your bed binging on Netflix, though. Read a book, do some yoga or head out for a country walk. Relaxing is not only vital to keeping our minds healthy, but by just ignoring the distractions around us we can really start to learn who we are and to really appreciate that.

5. Say bye bye to electronics

Disconnect yourself for a while every weekend. That means no phone, no laptop, no tv. Use the time to actually talk to the people around you. Try going out for a coffee without your phone, or invite some friends around for a board game night. It’s not about cutting yourself off from the world. There’s a constant stream of information at our fingertips now, and the art of conversation, creative thinking and just enjoying the moment are so easily lost in the midst of it.

Phones in the park

6. Avoid all things work related

If you’re a workaholic and cannot go a weekend without checking your work emails then you have a problem that can’t be fixed by reading this list. But for the rest of us, just don’t check anything work related. If you check in constantly, by the time Monday rolls around you will feel like you haven’t even had time off. If you really must be available to your work at all times for emergencies, ask that you be contacted by phone or text so you aren’t checking in on emails and getting distracted by smaller issues. In my experience, most issues raised on a weekend are dealt with on Monday, anyway. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by seeing issues that don’t need to be sorted just yet. Burn out is a thing! Take your you-time.

7. Do something productive, that isn’t job-related

Everyone has hobbies. Maybe’s yours is arts and crafts, maybe it’s making paper aircraft. Whatever your thrill, find some time on the weekend to just settle down and focus on it. It’s so important for our personal development to spend time when we can be doing things for ourselves. Plus, continuing a personal project gives you just another thing to look forward to to help get you through the upcoming work week!

Do some YOGA!

8. Exercise

Healthy body, healthy mind. Exercising on the weekend is the polar opposite of wasting the weekend in bed. We’ve all been there, where during the week we tell ourselves, I’ll start being healthy after the week is done. And then we don’t. Because on the weekend we tell ourselves, I’ll be healthy starting Monday. Well I’m here to tell you that if you find the time to exercise on the weekend, when you have the time and energy without stressing from work, it will be much easier to keep up the habit through the week. You’ll feel good about what you’ve accomplished, and more likely to keep up with it than if you force yourself to do 15 crunches after a 9-5 grind.

Bonus Tip: Enjoy the Weekend!

The weekend is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so just chill out and do what makes you happy. Let yourself recharge, try not to stress out, do whatever the hell you want! Make the time about you, not what other people are doing, and use it to make sure that come Monday Morning you are ready to rock another week!

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7 responses to “Weekend Tips: How to Kill the Sunday Evening Blues”

  1. […] Make sure to take the time to relax on the weekend and schedule holidays and days off throughout the year. It can be all too tempting to work every possible hour, but taking time off is essential to staying motivated and productive. […]

  2. Shelise says:

    I hate that Sunday night feeling!! I do exactly that, stay in bed till 1-2 and leave all my laundry and bed cover changes etc to Sunday to do it all, really makes the day feel like I’m preparing for the week and its so annoying! I try do some laundry in the week x

    S x

    • Gemma says:

      It’s such a terrible feeling! Sundays are def my least favourite day but I just try to make the most of them so I can feel ready for the week ahead and not like I’ve wasted my free time! xx

  3. Carla says:

    Perfect timing, I’ve was just walking my dog and moaning about how quick the weekends gone 🙁

  4. Julia says:

    Whoa that’s creepy, I’m actually reading this post at 6.03pm on Sunday- how’s that for timing? haha

    I think not over-planning on the weekend but especially on a Sunday is really important otherwise it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and like the time has just flown by. Personally on a Sunday I love to spend time just relaxing, going on my laptop and watching Netflix 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  5. Jade says:

    Going to try these tips this Sunday! I am forever suffering the Sunday Blues! Forever staying in bed and leaving everything to do till Sunday, really going to try deligate chores throughout the week!xo

  6. Kathy says:

    I hate that Sunday feeling 😔I definitely try to make the most out of the weekend. Just wish it didn’t go so quickly!

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